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Carley Millian

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Carley Millian

Employment Litigation Attorney

Carley began working for employment litigation firms when she was in law school, including working for Barritt Smith Miner LLP. Since her admission to the Bar, Carley has worked as an employment litigation attorney for Barritt Smith Miner LLP. Carley has helped the firm recover millions of dollars for employees who have been discriminated against, retaliated against, subjected to wrongful termination, and/or not been paid all wages owed.

Employment Litigation Experience

Carley knows how to handle all aspects of employment litigation from selecting cases through final trial preparation. Carley has significant negotiation experience, including having resolved cases before and during litigation. Carley has drafted pleadings, discovery, and legal briefs. She has taken depositions and appeared and argued in court on behalf of the firm’s clients.

Working With Clients

Carley enjoys educating the firm’s clients on all aspects of litigation, including how the law applies to the facts of each case. Carley places great emphasis on ensuring our clients understand what we are doing in their cases and why we are making the strategic decisions we make.

Academic Background

Carley obtained her law degree from UCLA School of Law. Carley chose UCLA after having been accepted by multiple top law schools. UCLA awarded Carley a significant merit-based scholarship.

Carley received a B.A. in Sociology and a Minor in Education from Colby College in Waterville, Maine. Colby College was recently ranked in the top twelve liberal arts colleges in the nation by U.S. News & World Report.

Carley was voted by her Costa Mesa High School class as “Most Likely to Succeed.”

Choosing Law

After college, Carley worked for an attorney in Newport Beach, CA. That experience inspired Carley to pursue a law degree.

When Carley finished her first year of law school, she knew she wanted to practice employment law—a practice area that would allow her to help people who had been wronged in a very important aspect of their lives. She took every employment law course that was offered, attended employment law conferences, and sought positions with law firms practicing employment law. During the summer following her second year of law school, Carley worked for Helmer Friedman LLP. At Helmer Friedman LLP, she helped Andrew Friedman update his book “Litigating Employment Discrimination Cases.”

Carley loves employment law because of the emotional connection people have with their careers and the fact-intensive nature of the cases.

Experience Working In The Courts

Before going to law school, Carley worked with delinquent and dependent youth as an intern with the Orange County Superior Court. During the summer following her first year of law school, Carley again interned with the Orange County Superior Court—this time, as a legal research intern drafting bench memoranda for four civil judges.

Charitable Outreach

Carley is active in the committees of the Orange County Bar Association (“OCBA”). Prior to attending law school, Carley volunteered with the OCBA Community Outreach Committee. Carley currently serves as a co-chair of that committee and a co-chair of the OCBA Charitable Fund Annual Gala Silent Auction. Carley has also provided volunteer hours to the OCBA’s Mentor on Demand Committee.


During her off time, Carley enjoys spending time with her husband and their dog, Macie. Carley and her husband try to spend as much time as possible looking at the ocean (whether it is from the sand on the beach or underwater with a SCUBA tank) and listening to live music.

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